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It seemed nearly impossible for another country to outpace Thailands shrimp exports to the United States, the worlds biggest market for shrimp.
Early mortality syndrome (EMS) saw an end to that. The disease, which attacks the shrimps hepatopancreas, an organ crucial to digestion, proved to be a major setback for Thailand and other producing nations in Southeast Asia starting in 2009. The stunning downturn in production, estimated at more than 30 percent in the region, opened the door for Bangladesh to assume a position of greater influence in the global shrimp trade, and it has capitalized.
An equally significant consideration was shrimp producers 2009 adoption of Pacific white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) as the most prominent species produced by Bangladeshs growing aquaculture industry. Long known as a leader in black tiger (Penaeus monodon) farming, Bangladeshs shrimp industry lobbied to have SPF (specific pathogen free) vannamei broodstock imported from the United States for cultivation. Pacific white shrimp takes less time to grow to market size, is more resistant to disease than black tigers, and is more affordable. Black tiger prices are currently about 25 to 30 percent higher than Pacific whites.

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