Since its inception, Telelink Group of Industries has worked towards delivering various products in the market, keeping in line with the growing economy. Our strategy is to create an industrial group, which is active in the production sector and acts as a catalyst for change in the countrys growth.

Established in more than one decade back, Telelink Group is one of the largest, promising, experienced and reliable Mobile Phone conglomerates, ICT developers and premiere Media providers in Bangladesh. By making teamwork a foundation of our culture with its motto for welfare of the mass people, Telelink Group has bridged creativity, integrity, innovation, dedication, transparency, accountability to strengthen its services and support from grass root level to global arena.

Telelink is always doing research and working for Human Resource Development to innovate, develop, register and/or launch more innovative products and services, maintaining the highest quality standards and flexibility to ensure clients satisfaction. We are committed to establish a happy and prosperous society through retaining regular clients as well as winning new ones and grooming skilled, self-employed manpower, with entrepreneurship and leadership qualities.

After 12 years, the brand name Telelink, under which most of its products are marketed, has been recognized as a symbol of trust and quality; we strive to streamline our operations in line with that promise. By having the experts in the field as our colleagues and deploying the most advanced machineries, we want to harness the potential of the people, raw materials and technology to support the future need of the country as well as expand in the international market.

Bangladesh is a country with robust growth fuelled by its private sector. Telelink Group takes immense pride in playing its role in the form of creating employment for about 5,000 employees in its business with a few thousands more in the ancillary businesses. Also, we are honored to put the country in the international business forum through our achievements of various international quality and trade awards.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues, loyal patrons and business partners for their support throughout and pray that this extends in the future as well. We hope to continue our expansion and diversification, honing on our knowledge and expertise. It is the people who deliver these that enable us to evolve and grow sustainably with confidence.

Thank You


Telelink Group

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