Pata Technologies Ltd

Pata Technologies Ltd has been in the e-commerce business since its inception. Our foundations originate from our love for the internet. We believe in empowering people and in turn, empowering society through the power of the internet and technology. We inculcate and embody this thought in every step of the way.

Leveraging the Power of ‘e’
At IntraSoft Technologies, we believe the internet’s potential to create economic opportunities has just begun and the scope is limitless. It is not always about one great innovation but about little innovations every day, week and month in an attempt to make something a little better. And that is what we are adamantly doing every day.

Using Technology as an Enabler
We are an internet company that has capitalized on its technological resources and expertise to enable business growth benefitting stakeholders at all levels. Our in-house technology has allowed us to automate and improve all business functions giving us a major competitive edge over others in our field.

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